Available mPact-S Mobile Systems:

mPact-5S (6 g/hr)
mPact-10S (10g/hr)
Oxygen Flow: 10-LPM
Operating Temp: 40-90 F
Supply Water: 40-72 F
Power: 120 VAC, (2) 20A


1. mPact-5S Brochure

Our Products - mPact-5S Mobile Surface Sanitation (Download Brochure)

The mPact-5S is an ACTS designed and built, cost-effective mobile antimicrobial treatment system designed for multiple intervention points within food and beverage processing facilities. The system features an ergonomic spray wand for antimicrobial treatment of food or beverage contact surfaces.

The mPact-5S uses ozonated low pressure cold water to meet and exceed microbial reductions commonly attained through conventional sanitation methods. Through vigorous water spray and strong ozone oxidation, the mPact-5S can reduce hot water usage and chemicals commonly used during sanitation shifts. The system can be used for in process intervention sanitation or direct product treatment without additional labeling requirements.

ACTS’s ergonomically designed spray wand is available in customized lengths for plant specific applications. The mPact-5S uses cold water only and has a flow rate of 4.5 GPM on the low pressure ozonated water stream.

The mPact-5S is also available as the mPact-5SC which comes with an ozonated high pressure water sprayer that can be sequentially used to clean and then antimicrobially treat surfaces. The mPact-5SC pressure pump produces an additional 2 GPM water flow.

Ozone Section

Ozone Output
4.0 grams/hr
Residual Ozone Dose at Nozzle
2.0 PPM (approx.)
Water Flow Rate
4.5 GPM
Nozzle Pressure
20 PSI
High Pressure Section
Water Flow Rate
2.0 GPM
Residual Ozone Dose at Nozzle
0.5 PPM (approx.)
Nozzle Pressure
900 PSI (max.)
General Machine

Power Requirements (systems available in configs. to right)
120V, 60Hz, 20A (5SC = 2x)
240V, 60Hz, 15A
220V, 50Hz, 20A

Supply Water Temp.
40F - 80F
Supply Water Press.
30 PSI (min.)
Supply Water Flow
7.5 GPM (min.)