Available mPact Aqueous Systems:

mPact-25SC (25 g/hr)
mPact-30S (30g/hr)
mPact-45S (45 g/hr)
mPact-60S (60g/hr)
mPact-120S (120 g/hr)

Oxygen Flow: 10-30 LPM
Operating Temp: 40-90 F
Supply Water Temp: 40-72 F
Power: 240 VAC, 10-30A


1. mPact-25S Brochure
2. mPact-30S Produce Brochuree
3. mPact-45S Brochure
4. mPact-45S (Winery) Brochure

Available mPact Gaseous Systems:

mPact-CSF-30 (30g/hr)
mPact-CSF-60 (30g/hr)
mPact-CSF-30 (120g/hr)
mPact-CSF-30 (240g/hr)

Oxygen Flow: 10-60 LPM
Operating Temp: 40-80 F
Power: 110/240 VAC, 10-25A

1. mPact-CSF Brochure
2. mPact-RCF (Reefer)

Markets - Fruit & Vegetable Cold Storage & Wash

Food safety is of paramount importance in food processing and preparation. Growing concerns with chemical use on products is supporting the need for alternative antimicrobial technologies. Reducing pathogens and other microbial counts on food surfaces improves the safety, quality, and shelf life of food products.

ACTS antimicrobial cold storage fumigation products (mPact-CSF) along with wash systems (mPact-S and mPact-SC) effectively reduce the amount of pathogens remaining on fruits and vegetables. Our products are designed to treat the exterior surfaces of fruits and vegetables by both gaseous and aqueous ozone applications.

Ozone Antimicrobial Wash Benefits

  • Improved safety and reduced liability of prepared foods
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Up to 100% reduction of antimicrobial chemical
  • Leaves no residual chemical byproducts on food surface
  • Improved product taste

An FDA approved direct food contact anti-microbial agent, ozone can be dissolved into water and used for direct contact on fruits and vegetables, raw and ready-to-eat meat and poultry, fish and commercial eggs. The benefits of ozone-enriched water far outweigh chemical-enriched water traditionally used. ACTS provides ozone antimicrobial system integration into flume, cascade, drench, or spray type operations.

Cold Storage Markets

Gaseous ozone effectively combats mold and bacteria in cold storage environments and directly on fruits & vegetables in cold storage.

mPact Systems
Ozone Output
30 g/hr
60 g/hr
120 g/hr
240 g/hr

The main benefit of using mPact-CSF gaseous ozone systems is that mold and bacteria can be controlled both in the air and on the surface of the product thereby reducing decay and extending product hold times by reducing ethylene production.