Markets - Food

ACTS' mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System is a three-in-one sequential application of low pressure ozonated water and high pressure ozonated water for open surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment of food and food contact surfaces. This patent pending system allows food processors to meet or exceed the microbial reductions attained with hot water and chemical applications.

mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System Benefits

  • Up to 100% Reduction of Hot Water dependent on process
  • Up to 100% Reduction in Sanitizer Chemicals
  • Up to 80% Reduction in Degreasers / Foaming Agents
  • Up to 68% Reduced Water Volume
  • Can be used in-process and on food surfaces
  • Positive environmental impact through reduction of effluent to waste treatment facility

Designed for surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment, the mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System provides multi-surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment for wettable food contact surface equipment; walls and floors; drains and chutes; tanks, barrels and totes; etc. Adaptation designs for existing CIP system conversions are also available as well as spray attachments for direct ozone spraying of enclosed containers/totes.