Markets - Live Animals & Zoos

ACTS is unique integrator and manufacturer of proprietary ozone based cleaning and antimicrobial treatment systems for a variety of market applications. Our overall expertise is primarily focused in the food and beverage industries but our ACTS team management leaders bring 15+ years of years of independent experience in AALSO and AZA related live animal, ozone treatment systems. ACTS staff members provide complete integration expertise based on system design, understanding of the aquarium/zoo living environement and most importantly validation of the system with extensive reliability and safety testing.

ACTS' integration philosophy from Day 1 is to deliver and configure the treatment systems to work. We don't leave pieces of equipment left for you, the customer, to figure out how to install, configure, test and make work.

San Diego Zoo Project
ACTS Inc., formerly Amfil Technologies, recently sold and integrated ozone systems for the recently completed Elephant Odyssey and Jaguar Water Exhibits at the San Diego Zoo.

Elephant Odyssey Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.

The photos below show the delivery of the ozone destruct equipment behind the Elephant Odyssey Exhibit. In addtion, system control and ozone equipment installed in Ozone Room are also included at the bottom. The ozone decomposer and ozone control system was integrated into the existing zoo animal monitoring system. This portion of our system neutralizes any potential ozone offgas through a heating and catalyst based system.

Ozone Interlock Panel and Ozone Monitoring System.
Ozone Interlock Panel and Ozone Monitoring System.

    60 g/hr ozone generator and oxygen system.