About ACTS mPact Technology

Conventional cleaning and sanitation in food processing plants has revolved around heavy use of chemicals and hot water. While this approach has considerable downsides, e.g., safety, costs, chemical inventory, complexity, etc., it was also the only way to meet strict standards set forth by government, customer audit compliance and HACCP programs. With the recent approvals of alternative technologies, such as ozone, the use of chemicals and hot water is quickly becoming antiquated. Today, ozone is steadily replacing the conventional sanitation techniques used in the food processing industry. Ozone technology is presently being used for food contact surface and direct product sanitation in Japan, Australia, Philippines, the United States, Canada and also other countries around the world.

In 2003, ACTS (formerly Amfil Technologies) was introduced to ozone technology as an antimicrobial agent in food manufacturing plants. While the initial results from the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent on previously cleaned surfaces were promising, the effectiveness was directly proportional to how well the surface was cleaned. Seeking a purely cold water-based technology that could meet or exceed the microbial reductions commonly attained with hot water and chemical applications, ACTS combined the use of ozonated low pressure and ozonated high pressure cold water. The microbial results were astonishing, and the new technology was named the mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System.

Designed for surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment, the mPact™ system is a three-in-one sequential application of low pressure ozonated water and high pressure ozonated water for open surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment. The system provides multi-surface cleaning and antimicrobial treatment for wettable food contact surface equipment; walls and floors; drains and chutes; tanks, barrels and totes; etc. Adaptation designs for existing CIP system conversions are also available as well as spray attachments for direct ozone spraying of enclosed containers/totes.

mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System Benefits:

  • Up to 100% Reduction of Hot Water
  • Up to 100% Reduction in Sanitizer Chemical
  • Up to 80% Reduction in Degreasers / Foaming Agents
  • Up to 68% Reduced Water Volume
  • Can be used in-process
  • Positive environmental impact through reduction of effluent to waste treatment facility
  • mPact™ Integration

While other companies are marketing technologies similar to the mPact™ Cleaning Antimicrobial System, they generally lack the experience and skill to successfully and seamlessly integrate the technology into the food industry. Not only did ACTS develop this technology, but is also currently the most capable company to engineer and integrate it for safe and efficacious operation throughout a plant. This core competency is based on the companies over 25 years of food plant engineering, operations, and quality assurance experience.

As opposed to simply renting "trial" systems and leaving the client to educate themselves, ACTS takes on a true integrator role, teaming with the client through the entire process of technology demonstration, efficacy validation, pilot system design, and finally full system integration. ACTS utilizes Six Sigma practices,ensuring meaningful and conclusive results data. Throughout the process, th appropriate plant employees are educated and trained to make the application and operation of the system seamless at the time of installation.